Why and how it works for our Network Contractors

We started Mega Home Network after over 25 years in the construction Industry. What our vision is is to
create a place where Homeowners can go to get quality contractors that are all part of one network. By
doing this we build confidence in our potential customers and a Contractors personal business.
The customer can find you through our advertisement as well as from another Network Contractor. When
a potential customer wants a service they visit our site then they choose the service they are looking to get
a quote on and the click on the company they want a quote from and they are directed straight to that
companies website and contact information. Mega Home Network does not have potential customers
contact us directly they contact the Network Contractor directly.
This is a limited available opportunity for any business looking to build a reputable company.

What the Contractor gets
A private furnished office in a professional building setting
Free access to WIFI
Free use of conference room
Free use of fax machine
Free phone line
Free use of Architectural drafting table
All utilities included
Free advertisement through Mega Home Network
Free job leads

$ 550 per month  for furnished office and membership

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Please email all inquiries in reference to this opportunity
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